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Accounting Software

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Builtfirst provides free access for MyCompanyWorks founders to hundreds of vendor discounts totaling over $250,000 per founding team from the best brand names in software and other startup business services.

 Avg: 5/5

Freshbooks is easy-to-use accounting software for small business owners. They make running your small business easy, fast and secure. Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.


Expex built Carly, an automated bookkeeper, to perform tasks for you, send you reminders, and provide insights into your financial performance. Carly is supervised by our US-based accounting team to make sure she's doing her work correctly. Click here to schedule a free demo and consultation

Quickbooks Online

Simple, top-notch accounting software and support for small businesses. Save time, track money, and get important insights all in one place. Allow access to your accountant to review and assist with tax returns.

The Neat Company

The Neat Company offers NeatBooks, simple software that speaks your language. With easy-to-use bookkeeping for small businesses, you'll be able to visualize how to fuel your business with trending data about your cash balance, top expense categories, total sales, and more.



FreeAgent offers easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses. Freelancers and their accountants all have access to cloud-based software in one secure location.


It’s the 21st century. Stop doing redundant tasks. With Kashoo, every transaction that happens in your business is automatically categorized and sorted without you having to do anything. Our Smart Inbox recognizes the vendors you normally do business with and keeps track for you.


Simple, beautiful, and powerful, ZipBooks gives you the tools and intelligence to take your business to the next level. Manage your invoices and accounting in one place and save time to invest in working your business.

Work smarter, not harder. ZipBooks makes balancing your books and diving into insights simple, fast, and convenient. Between auto-categorization, a single transactions interface, and dead-simple reports, bookkeeping and accounting have never been this easy.

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