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Employee Rewards


Bonusly is an easy way to show your employees that your company cares. With peer-to-peer recognition at our core, Bonusly helps everyone celebrate the people making things happen in your organization.


Hello we’re Bucketlist. We help make your employees love their company.
We’re on a mission to build the best cultures in the world. Treat your employees to their lifetime dream vacations with rewards they can choose.


Retain great employees with a culture of recognition. Attract talent, align teams and drive engagement real-time spot bonuses and peer-to-peer nominations.


Kudoboard is a peer-to-peer employee recognition platform used to increase employee happiness. From birthdays to retirements & everything in between, Kudoboard enables teammates to appreciate each other. Create shout out boards where users can tag each other in individual posts, comment, and like people's kudos. Set up a new board each month, or use it as an ongoing #winwall to keep team morale high year-round.


Our clients rave about how easy Kudos® is to use – for team members and admins. But they also love awesome features like communication tools, easy integrations, deep reporting, and more. Kudos is an employee recognition, feedback, and organizational communication platform, focusing on employee relationships and organizational culture. Our simple-to-use, secure SaaS solution has an extensive feature set and multi-language offering that will motivate and inspire your team to go the extra mile.


Motivosity offers a modern employee engagement platform for the modern workforce.
Companies unlock their greatest potential when they connect, recognize, lead, and listen.
Our four products, coincidentally named Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen work seamlessly together to bring this goodness to your great company.


Nectar is the most flexible and cost-effective way for modern workforces to foster appreciation and connection across all teams, anywhere. Maintain culture, boost morale and promote core values without the hassle of managing your own internal program.


Strengthen your workplace culture by harnessing the power of appreciation with peer-to-peer recognition by Qarrot. Bring your people together by empowering them to recognize one another based on your organization's core values. Encourage positive interactions, celebrate important milestones, promote your values with badges, and keep everyone in the loop to promote employee happiness.

Vantage Circle

At Vantage Circle, we help businesses provide a comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefits package to their employees that drives employee engagement and improves productivity.

Our platform is specially designed for attracting and retaining key employees, through a range of privilege programs such as corporate offers, rewards and recognition, health and wellness, and others.

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