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The Trademark Company

The right legal help is easy to find at the Trademark Company. Whether you are registering a trademark, maintaining records or filing for patents and copyrights, our team is made of experts in each field. Speak to a specialist and get started with your trademark, copyright or patent search today.

Trademark Factory

Trademark Factory offers the easiest way to trademark your brand. Risk-free. Guaranteed. Anywhere. Trademark Factory helps growth-minded entrepreneurs build amazing brands.


 Avg: 5/5

Trademark Registration, Free Comprehensive Trademark Search, Trademark Monitoring, 
Copyright Registration

Trademark Center

Since 1995, Trademark Center has provided U.S. and international trademark search, registration, and watch services. With more than twenty years of experience in trademark research, our trademark attorneys have the expertise and know-how to meet your trademark needs.

TradeMark Express

TradeMark Application Preparation Package, Federal & State Trademark Analysis, Common Law Search Analysis, Federal Logo Search, Research Analysis, Competitive Checks, Trademark Monitoring, USPTO Application Renewals, Canadian Research & Application Preparation, European Community Research, Worldwide Common Law Research

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